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We provide digital design and marketing services to help you navigate your way through Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, MailChimp along with User Experience design (WordPress, Shopify & Magento) so you get to focus on running your business, while we focus on your digital growth.

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All your digital design & development needs in one place.

The Future is Digital, We Can Help.

Monocle creates conversion-focused e-commerce websites for growing brands. We are Shopify Plus Partners. We also build in WordPress, Magento & Create some insanely cool iPhone & Android Apps.

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Your bespoke, full-service marketing partner.

Modern, Creative, Innovative Marketing.

Monocle works closely with brands on customer acquisition and retention through paid, email, SEO, and conversion rate optimization. We are growth marketing experts. We work closely with Facebook & Google to ensure your campaigns are epic.

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We take care of all your SEO/SEM needs.

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Driving traffic and conversions through audience targeting, ad creative, and testing on channels like Facebook & Google AdWords & Increasing organic search traffic through content and code.

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Your WordPress, Shopify Plus and Magento Partner.

Like a walk in the park, but on a screen.

Mobile-first, responsive design, user testing, prototyping, customer journey mapping, UX optimization, shopify Plus ecommerce, Contentful, bespoke development, Shopify, WordPress theme customization, ADA compliance, Research, product road mapping, analytics analysis, content strategy, campaign strategy. End.

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Super simple pricing models

We like to keep our pricing simple at Monocle. Things don’t need to be crazy expensive, we work with you on our pricing models to ensure we meet your budget and needs every time. Flexible plans that grow as you do.

Real Human Help, When You Need It Most

Count on our top-notch reliability and support. Our team like to take breaks from time to time, but we also get super stoked on making you happy. We are a small team but we enormous when it comes to solving problems. 24/7, we got your back.

We Work With the Tools You Trust

Monocle works with most of the world’s leading digital platforms and tools. If you use it already, there is a real good chance, so do we. We can integrate your business with tools to help you grow.

Super Compliant & Super Dedicated

We work to industry standards on all project. We work closely with Google and Facebook and with over 300 WordPress, Shopify and Magento Projects, we are pretty good at getting it right, every time.

We Take Security & Privacy Serious. Seriously!

We have had our fair share of crashes and screw up, so we partner with the best in the business to make sure our sites are secure. Our security tools help protect your sites—and your customers’ data.

Monocle Digital Jen
Monocle Digital Jen
Monocle Digital Jen
We All Think Quality is Rather Important Don't We.

Our projects are all managed by us.

Everyone at Monocle is responsible for your outcomes. So the people you meet and speak to every day at Monocle are the people bringing your projects to life. We never hand off to third-party agencies and never pass the buck. We are your partner, and our people are the core of that relationship.

So, Let’s Start a Project Together.

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