Yuki Threads.

We’re stoked that you give a shit about ethical manufacturing. Check out the epic stuff you’re supporting!

Project Details

Yuki Threads partners with Australia and the worlds leading winter sports retailers, the company is environmentally conscious sportswear manufacturer, with the goal of building the brand both in Australia and globally while strengthening its appeal to young snowboarders. Building relationships with consumers, channel partners and global retailers is foundational to all our work with Yuki, which includes strategy, digital design, web design and marketing experience, and campaigns.

Project by Monocle Digital in Collaboration with Yuki Threads


“Yuki Threads isn’t just a brand, we’re about a lifestyle. Shredding with the crew, laughing uncontrollably after an epic line, supporting local communities, having fun and enjoying life.”


An immersive experience for an active audience.

Worldwide markets:5

As Global, as we are Local, Driving growth in global markets requires a highly localised approach to global marketing. Monocle partnered with Yuki to help the brand expand into new global markets.


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