Made In Sydney.

Raised in Surry Hills, Coal Coast, Melbourne, Vernon,
Chicago, San Fransisco, Brooklyn, Lake Tahoe, London,
Manilla, Auckland, Oslo, Amsterdam, Beijing & Hanoi.

Design Led Thinking
on Digital Projects

Monocle is a digital agency & collaborative network that spans 5 countries with small teams working on big challenges in innovative, effective collaboration with our clients. We are a digital agency, you could say, if it has a screen, we can design for it... if you need to bring it to life, we create best in class digital marketing strategies that transform and grow organisations for the digital economy.

We like to re-imagine

how we do business. Everyday.

We are a creative company at the forefront of a revolution. We feel responsible for how the future looks. How we communicate, how we play and embrace our future, is partly driven by the choices we make today. We feel a responsibility for making empowered choices to make the future better place for everyone. Our work spans across the following categories.
Business Strategy
Brand Communications
User Experience Design
Social Media
Learning & Discovery
We begin with research and consumer insight analysis that informs comprehensive digital business and marketing strategy. We identify solutions to gain market advantage. We map out the structure, content, and dependencies that underpin the platforms and marketing initiatives.
Frequent Iterations
Creative teams focus on conceiving and refining campaign ideas across multiple channels. We apply brand and experience across all touch points and determine what content best suits campaign and platform elements.
Execution & Launch
Once a platform, campaign or program is live, we continuously evaluate the effectiveness of launched features, experiences, and campaigns, applying insights into ongoing improvements.
Preferred Development Platforms & Partners
Developer Brands
Future Thinking

For Integrated Marketing & Search Engine Marketing

We build brands and drivie sales with a cross-channel, digitally-led approach to communications.
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Design Led Thinking

For User Experience Design & Development

We create products and services that transform organisations for the digital economy.
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We grow clients brands and business by creating digital experiences, campaigns, and products people love.

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